Working with you began with reading a book you sent me. It was a very useful way to get started, and was one of the main things that convinced me to go down this path.

Kylie, Weston

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Brocktons Co-Director, Daniel Brammall on The ABC's 7:30 Report pushing for financial planning industry reforms.
ABC Interview

The clarity and confidence we get from dealing with Brocktons is extremely valuable to us.

Martin & Kylie, Weston

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Financial Armageddon ... are we really in the eye of a global financial storm?

An economic tsunami is on its way, according to an financial forecaster who is reputed to have picked the GFC years before it happened. Gold, shares, property prices -- the lot is all due to go to pot sometime this side of 2013.

The forecaster is here to sell copies of his book. His message: sell property and shares and hide in fixed interest till all this blows over. Then buy it all back at half price in 3 years.

His rationale? I dunno. Something about Baby Boomers.

No, I won’t be buying his book. Not because I reckon he’s wrong but simply because he has the same chance of being correct as my 12 year old Beagle.

Consider this ...

Prediction: event X is to take place at some point in the future.


1.       Decide it’s true and act on this tip.

2.       Decide it’s false and act on this tip.

3.       Decide it’s entertainment (at best) and stick with your plan.

If you take the tip and it turns out to be right then you stand to profit. In fact, if you’ve taken a big enough bet you stand to profit handsomely.

Is this a robust plan for creating your future, though?

Bottom line is that if you have no plan then gambles is all you’ve got. And every time the media publicises some spruiker’s hot tip you will find yourself wondering what to do. Alternatively, if you do have a plan but you are still chilled to the bone with worry when you hear media noise like this, then perhaps your Financial Road Map needs revisiting?

What does your Financial Road Map look like? Is it based on science or gambles?

A Financial Road Map is your picture of your family’s future, and where you are on that path. Your Road Map is a rock solid foundation for a plan ... a plan that gives you a high probability of making your future a reality. Regardless of what is happening in the market, the economy or the world. 

So what to do about a possible Financial Armageddon? Pull out your Roadmap. Haven’t got one?

Call (02) 6162 2670 from anywhere in Australia and talk to Brocktons about a Financial Road Map Workshop. Or email us here.

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