The clarity and confidence we get from dealing with Brocktons is extremely valuable to us.

Martin & Kylie, Weston

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Brocktons Co-Director, Daniel Brammall on The ABC's 7:30 Report pushing for financial planning industry reforms.
ABC Interview

I find the explanations concise and pitched to my level of understanding.

Robyn A, Hackett

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Testimonials from Our Clients You say it better than we can.

We found the process extraordinarily helpful to think through the issues in a systematic way. It has clarified our objectives and what we need to do. It’s actually very useful to have somebody else facilitate that discussion. The experience was a catalyst that got us started on some things that we've been meaning to do for some time to get more organised.
Alan & Emma, Watson

Having some confidence that things are being done for our benefit. It stops us from coming to a stalemate all the time. Being able to spend more time on things that are valuable to us. This is valuable to us, but it’s not one of those things that we usually put as a high priority. Having someone to manage that for us is allowing us to keep it at a lower priority- it’s someone else’s priority. It also reminds us of these things as well, because you can lose sight very easily so it gives us security and flexibility in our lives.
Colin & Paula, Amaroo

It’s been good. Very Interesting. Always more to it then what you first think. Definitely gives you something to think about. Very very good.
Roger & Jenean, Melba

Having a Financial Roadmap has put us on the same path, setting a clear idea of where we want to be. It allows us to focus and sit down and talk about the things we want to do, where we want to do them and what we want to do in retirement.
Alice, Theodore

We don’t have to do it! We ask questions, and you come back with responses whenever we’re not sure about something. It gives us a sense of assurance that we’re heading in the right direction. We’re happy with what you’re advising.
Alice & David, Theodore

I feel a lot more comfortable with my financial situation. I can see definite benefits to it. It’s been very useful to have a think about where we want to be and what our goals need to be. It’s given us a clearer picture of what our goals are and a sense of direction to plan towards them.
Jeremy & Emma, Forrest

We feel a lot more secure knowing that you’re (Brocktons) doing this. We really want to take the time this year to be better parents and to get a better grasp on where we are and what we’re doing. If we’re not constantly feeling like there’s all this other stuff we’re supposed to do, then it’s a lot easier to do that and have a better quality of life.
Brett & Angela, Wanniassa

It’s great that we’re starting to get things done. It’s a complete time saver for us- so that we can focus on the stuff we do best, which is not financial planning! It’s good advice and things are getting done in the background, which is great. I’m confident that the advice will be valuable and I’m pleased that we’re sorting these things through.
David & Katarzyna, NSW

Simplicity is at the core of the value. The management, paperwork, changing details with forms and the like is quite onerous to us simply because it never seems to stop. Anything we can do to streamline it is great, as we’ve always wanted to. We have a much better feel for where we’re at and what we can do. Also getting advice explained to us much more easily so that we’re investing responsibly is important. Getting an overview also definitely helps.
Phil & Sarah, Canberra

• It’s organised. There’s always an agenda, any paperwork is followed up.
• It’s easy. The video conferencing we have effectively makes it possible to have a strong working relationship even though we’re located at opposite ends of the continent, you don’t have to go anywhere.
• It’s simple. You make things easy to understand and don’t bog us down in unnecessary detail.
• It’s holistic. Having someone to whom I can delegate the tracking and monitoring of all our financial affairs is a comfort.
• It’s researched. The impartial market analysis you do gives us confidence we’re making good decisions.
• It’s independent. We know you’re working for us with no hidden agenda.
Shane & Leigh, Perth

Having simple numbers that tells us what we need to have to achieve our goals, and keeping us accountable towards driving those numbers... that’s pretty cool. I feel like someone’s got our back... Brocktons is doing the stuff in the background while we’re making things happen in the foreground. It gives us confidence. Also, having someone who can look at our situation critically in positive and negative ways and someone we can trust to do that for us is great.
Melissa & Paul, Red Hill

• It’s independent. We know you’re working for us with no hidden agenda, you’re not pushing any barrow. The first financial planner we saw rabbited on for an hour about himself in our first meeting, and wasn’t prepared to talk about any other product – only the ones he had a financial interest in.
• It’s transparent. There’s an openness to what they do and how they do it.
• It’s easy. The video conferencing we have effectively makes it possible to have a strong working relationship even though we’re located at other sides of the continent, you don’t have to go anywhere.
Ian & Cathryn, South Australia

I was delighted when I went to see Brocktons when they took a more novel approach to other financial advisers by first asking the question about what’s important to me. This made me think about my goals more holistically, and I feel I participated in creating a more balanced and achievable plan that I could commit to, perfectly suited to me and my long term life objectives. I commend Brocktons to you.
Brett, Chifley

Having someone we can trust help us to steer the ship is extremely valuable to us. Working with an independent like Brocktons is a great weight off my mind.
Anne, Carwoola

Working with you began with reading a book you sent me. It was a very useful way to get started, and was one of the main things that convinced me to go down this path.
Kylie, Weston

Sure, we appreciate the refunds of the commissions that our insurance premiums generate. Those dollars help. What we value most from dealing with Brocktons, though, is the confidence we now have to make important decisions because of the clarity we now have about our financial situation. It's all there in front of us.
Martin & Kylie, Weston

I sit through a lot of meetings with chartered accountants and the like (high powered, high fee types) as an observer and see people given a lot of information, much of which they later can’t recall or didn’t understand in the first place. I find the explanations concise and pitched to my level of understanding.
Robyn A, Hackett

What a fascinating insight into our future! We can now see not only what needs to be done to achieve our goals but have also seen what can happen as a result of an otherwise fairly innocuous decision. Armed with this information, we can now make informed and educated decisions about how much to save or invest AND we know how much we can actually spend without getting into trouble! It has taken a lot of stress out of the financial planning process and playing with different scenarios was actually quite fun.
Philippa W, Sutton

We found the session very enlightening. It was useful for us both to see what we saw. Having the visual interface was striking: the red and the blue -- line above and line below -- gives a very immediate picture of what the consequences are of various assumptions or desires. Our current spending pattern was just unsustainable.
David, Yass

I took it for granted that I'd do things like buy a home but never did the figures on what was the best thing specifically for us. All the other planners I rang were talking about what I want to do with the money we've saved -- put it in shares or whatever... it was all product-related, there was no talk about real planning. For instance, I've never even considered how old the kids would be when I wanted to retire. It's one of those things you never really sit down and plan your life but it really puts it all together for us -- I've been meaning to do this for so long. I just hadn't thought about things this way before.
Tim R, Garran

Let me take a moment to say how much I appreciate the impact you have made on my life. You have provided me with the ability to plan and conceptualise my needs in such a simple and practical way that I have been able to put plans into actions. This has yielded a total turn around in some fundamental ways. You have given me a confidence and assurance to put me in a position where I can stretch my goals and turn them into a reality.
Ailsa W, Griffith

I'm so far in front today of where I would've been, had I continued simply doing what I was doing, nearly 9 years ago. Since I've been coming here it's just made such a difference to my life.
Noel M, NSW

… one of the most enlightening meetings with a financial adviser for a long, long time.
Andrew B, Curtin