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Brocktons Co-Director, Daniel Brammall on The ABC's 7:30 Report pushing for financial planning industry reforms.
ABC Interview

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Discover how you can be Financially Fit in 40 Days... Starting January 30

Facebook Challenge Helps You Learn How to Set & Get Your Financial Goals ... more

Challenge Week 1 Exercise

For week one of the Financially Fit Challenge, you'll need to read and complete the Values Exercise and Value Chain Worksheet. ... more

Challenge Week 1 Values Worksheet

... more

Challenge Week 2 Exercise

For week two of the Financially Fit Challenge, you'll need to read and complete the Goals Exercise and the Significant Goals Worksheet as well as the Family Timeline Worksheet. ... more

Challenge Week 2 Significant Goals Worksheet

... more

Challenge Week 2 Family Timeline Worksheet

... more

Challenge Week 3 Exercise

Where are you now on the path to fulfilling your goals? Your start point is now so this exercise will help you measure where you are today financially. This is vital because by completing your Financial Snapshot you’ll have a way of measuring your progress towards your goals.

Right now, you’re going to create your first set of real financials so that you can establish how secure your position is right now, and see just how much work has to be done to achieve your goals. ... more

Challenge Week 4 Exercise

Cashflow & Debt Fitness Exercise ... more

Challenge Week 5 Exercise

Last week we looked at Cashflow & Debt Fitness. This week's exercise will tackle the remaining 5 categories of Financial Fitness: Goal and Retirement Funding; Investment and Superannuation; Pension and Social Security; Insurance and Estate Planning; and Taxation. ... more

Challenge Week 6 Exercise

In this exercise you’re going to pull all the pieces of your plan together and make it happen in a way that is really going to work for you. ... more

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