All the other planners I rang were talking about what I want to do with the money we've saved -- put it in shares or whatever... it was all product-related, there was no talk about real planning.

Tim R, Garran

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Phone: 0261622670

Brocktons Co-Director, Daniel Brammall on The ABC's 7:30 Report pushing for financial planning industry reforms.
ABC Interview

You have given me a confidence and assurance to put me in a position where I can stretch my goals and turn them into a reality.

Ailsa W, Griffith

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What is the service?

We have two services:

1) A "No Strings Attached" advice consultation

2) The Comprehensive Planning Service

The Advice consultation for clarity and objectivity

  • Want advice on how to create wealth, without the sales pitch?
  • Having trouble with your self-managed super fund?
  • Want to know how to set up a transition-to-retirement pension?
  • Trying to put some succession planning arrangements together and are stuck on the details?
  • Or would you like a second opinion on advice you've received from your financial planner?

"No Strings Attached" is an Advice Consultation designed to give you scaled advice, limited to the issue that's burning brightest for you, from someone you can trust who has no hidden agenda.

Suitable for? This is a service for someone who wants one-off advice with no strings attached. There are no complicated service agreements, and no product pushing. Delivered by a true independent, this is pure advice to help you on your way without any sales pitch.

How's it work? For a simple, set fee we will hold a consultation with you (face to face or over the phone or Skype, whichever is more convenient) and give you the advice you are seeking. We follow up that advice in writing.

Call us on 0261622670 for a quick phone conversation to see if we can help you, or if we can at least point you in the right direction. Or alternatively contact us online: here.

The Comprehensive Planning Service to achieve all your goals

  • Make work optional?
  • Restructure your finances to make them fat-free?
  • Reduce tax and increase & protect your wealth?
  • Set and achieve financial goals and have someone you can trust manage the details?

This is a comprehensive planning service designed to provide you all the expert advice and admin support you need to make your financial goals a reality.

Suitable for? People who hire us for this service are generally time-poor business owners and execs who need to delegate the management of their finances to someone they can trust.

How's it work? In order to give yourself the highest probability of achieving your business and personal goals you need to be 100% financially organised. For a set fee or monthly retainer we will do what's necessary to get your financial house fully in order and keep it that way.

Getting your affairs in order to the highest standard possible and keeping them that way means knowing how and when to coordinate the services of a number of professionals:

  • A chartered accountant for your tax and accounting
  • A business adviser for your business planning
  • A financial adviser for growing and protecting your wealth
  • A cash flow expert for structuring your income and monitoring your expenses
  • A credit broker to shop your debts around to get the best terms and lowest rates
  • An insurance broker for all your life and general insurances
  • A succession lawyer for your estate planning

... and a trusted adviser to help you think through the strategic decisions.

You can project manage this team of experts yourself ... or you can delegate all that work to an experienced, independent adviser who you can trust.

At Brocktons you're not locked into any indecipherable long-term contracts, the fees are transparent and generally tax deductible. We collaborate with your existing people or use our own team of independent experts to create the results you desire. You decide whether its value for money. What financial results do you want to create in your life and what is that worth to you?

Call us on 0261622670 for a quick phone conversation to see if we can help you, or if we can at least point you in the right direction. Or alternatively contact us online: here.