Brocktons' holistic approach was perfectly suited to my long term objectives.

Brett, Chifley

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Brocktons Co-Director, Daniel Brammall on The ABC's 7:30 Report pushing for financial planning industry reforms.
ABC Interview

Working with an independent like Brocktons is a great weight off my mind!

Anne, Carwoola

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Discover how you can be Financially Fit in 40 Days... Starting January 30

Facebook Challenge Helps You Learn How to Set & Get Your Financial Goals

“This year I will finally get my finances organised”. Research shows that 9 out of 10 New Year’s resolutions don’t make it past January 30. Make 2012 different by being part of the “Financially Fit in 40 Days Challenge”.

The challenge, which is free to join, takes place on Facebook and starts on January 30. It is designed to provide a community support system to those who are committed to finally making major progress on their finances.

Leading participants through a series of insightful exercises about their money and their plans, the program helps individuals discover what’s been holding them back financially and unlocks their best chance of making their financial goals a success.

“Identifying goals and then successfully following through is where most people fall down, which is why we created the Financially Fit in 40 Days Challenge – so people could work with a step-by-step process to get those early wins and build momentum towards their goals,” says Daniel Brammall, a director at Brocktons Independent Advisory.

By taking up the challenge participants can gain the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure that 2012 is the year they get their finances organised once and for all, whatever that means to them. Whether that’s setting up the kids’ education, working out how to pay off the house, or planning for a rewarding retirement.

For more information about the Financially Fit in 40 Days Challenge, visit

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